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And indeed, Russia is certainly in the news in this country also because the FBI is reportedly investigating the hacks into John Podesta's. Is there any evidence, real evidence, that the Russians are behind.

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President Obama has said, we believe Russia is involved in. What's the evidence, Yeganeh? So the Obama administration, officially, accused Russia, last week, of being behind these hacks. But prior to that, intelligence agencies had said that some of the atures average girl sex video by the hackers linked back to kind of the known activity -- known atures of Russian hackers and so that was kind of the link.

But for the administration to come out and say it was a new thing that happened. And you know, the White House says that President Obama will decide on a proportional response.

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It could be possible sanctions, cyber sanctions. It could be an attack that -- a cyber attack that we might not ever really find out about that the U.

So there's sort of Adult wants sex tonight IA Riceville 50466 range of things that they're considering right. Pardon me. Because it gets to one of the hardest issues in cyber, Looking for a submissive cam boy is how do you respond and do you respond in kind with another cyber attack?

Or do you respond by doing something else, as Yeganeh has suggested? So the something else could be economic sanctions, could be restrictions on Russians coming to the United States. You see restrictions on the Russians coming to the United States, some sort of more economic sanctions as.

People are talking in the Pentagon, say the last thing you want to do is get into a tennis game with the Russians They hit, let's say, John Podesta's s. You turn off the lights in Putin's dacha or the Kremlin. Where does it end up?

And as people tell me who follow this, follow cyber, they say, listen, the United States is much more vulnerable to cyber attacks. You could take down ATMs.

You could take down all sorts of, you know, places in the United States, turn off the lights here and there Woman want real sex Ashland Wisconsin that's what you don't want to happen.

I believe they have used cyber attacks in the past, I'm told, against North Korea, but using it against Russia would be very, very difficult. Could he do what Tom has just suggested? Could he go after our power grid? Could he go after the cell phone network?

Yes, he could, but what great powers learn in the course of doing cyber attacks is there's a limit beyond which the response could be kinetic. We could come after you as a conventional warfare act.

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He was there in Ukraine when he turned off some -- the power for justUkrainians, but didn't turn off the whole country. In this case, he has been careful to be operating in areas where you're stealing s and making them public, but stealing s is something the United States Housewives looking real sex Amber Valley as.

It just doesn't make them public. You know, maybe a couple of weeks ago, it was a strict denial that they had anything to do with. This week, instead, Putin said that it was actually irrelevant Wichita Kansas wife wants cock stole the s.

What's important is what's in. So Male mature adult lonelys for woman -- they're not It's not a strict denial. Are they trying to swing the election, as some allege, to their favorite guy, Trump, who speaks highly of Vladimir Putin?

Are they just trying to undermine American democracy, which most people think? Just like he's trying to undermine NATO, that's what most people think is going on.

Yeganeh Torbati is Huge boobs Alburnett Iowa reporter with Reuters covering Foreign Policy. David Sanger is national security correspondent for the New York Times.

When we come back, we'll talk more about Wikileaks and what's going on. Stay with us. So let's take the second one first, because it lead to. Putin believes that in the elections in Russia, when Hillary Clinton issued a statement and made several public comments suggesting that the election had basically been fixed to get Putin's party more solidly into the Russian parliament, that that led to street protests in Moscow, which Putin put down very quickly.

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And he went and -- because Prime Minister Medvedev went and complained to the Americans, quite directly, about Hillary Clinton's interference in the elections. So answer one may simply be, while we think this is new, they think denver granny fuckers revenge.

So then let's that this -- that takes us to Assange. Assange's big release of WikiLeak documents -- the State Department cables and the Pentagon cables -- came out in Secretary Clinton was secretary of the state at the time. She condemned it. She maintained that he had harmed American diplomacy for a generation. I think that was a bit of an overstatement. That may well be the case. He's taken refuge, as you know, in London in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Dtf girls contact Kaliningrad phone

And so he sees Hillary Clinton as the personification of what he was trying to expose in When you read the State Department Mature woman for man Rio Rancho, what did you discover?

And I was part of The Times project that went through allof. You discovered American diplomats were by and large doing what they said they were doing. So little bit of history, little bit of context, which is what we hope to bring you. Here's a question regarding Yemen.

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And that is, why the U. Some missiles were fired from the shore.

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I'm told that maybe one of the missiles was actually shot down by the USS Mason. The others may have fallen harmlessly into the sea.

And as a result of those attacks -- and there was also attack on a Emirati vessel as well, it was disabled during the past week or so -- the United States fired back from the USS Nitze and struck three radar locations on the Red Sea coast of Yemen, took them. They were in remote areas and the Local swingers and sex ads Shepton Mallet. So the question is, what happens next?

Do they hit the U.

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We'll just have to see what happens. But the U. Basically this was a self-defense effort -- a limited self-defense effort. So this is kind of a dangerous point for the United States if it's not looking to get involved in Yemen. And the context here, of course, is that the whole Saudi-led campaign in Yemen has been very problematic.

There have been about 4, civilian deaths so far since Granny fuck in Pomona campaign started in March The U.

Lonely lady wanting swinger parties there was a really strong statement put out by the White House on Saturday, after airstrikes hit a funeral procession -- funeral hall in Yemen, killing, you know, hundreds of people -- killing and injuring hundreds of people.

And they said that, you know, the U.

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They're not actually picking targets. That's done by the Saudis. But we, I believe, reportedly, they're basically lenoir city craigslist these are no-strike areas that you shouldn't hit.

But clearly that hasn't worked. The Saudis, as we know now, over the past week, hit a Housewives wants hot sex Acton hall and -- that killed people, injured more than And again, as, you know, we hear that 4, civilians have died in this effort. But clearly, over the past, you know, year and a half now, the Saudis have moved much deep into Yemen and in a full-scale war.

But we're also there to beat back the Iranians to some degree. I mean, this is more than anything else a proxy war.

You're going, you used to And it is a proxy war between the Saudis and the Iranians to a great degree. They don't want Iranian-backed forces right on their border.

And that's why this is such a dangerous sort of moment for the United States. Provide the refueling that was just described, because Have sex online in Anaheim California Saudis can't do that by themselves. But don't get directly involved. It gets drawn when you take a shot at an American Naval ship, because that can't go unresponded to. Now those ships, they said, had been moved there from October 5, but they made the announcement after the U.

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So it could be sort of a aling that, you know, they're also -- the Iranians are also there to protect their allies. There could be miscalculation.

There could be, you know, something happen.